What is TAM?

Techniques of Service Industry Alcohol Management

TAM is a series of course modules designed to prepare servers, staff, and managers to safely and professionally handle alcohol sales and supervise the consumption of alcohol.

Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) Training

The materials presented in the Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) course offer a variety of solutions and problem-solving techniques for managing the sale and consumption of alcohol. This responsible alcohol training course and others like it are the beverage industry’s response to the increased public concerns about alcohol sale and consumption.

Our alcohol management training program is designed to prepare any hospitality or liquor service employees for the challenges they will face while selling and serving alcohol. The topics covered in our course modules help management and employees refine their skills and knowledge in many areas involving alcohol service, from legality to physical effects of consumption. Having trained and educated employees on-site where alcohol is being served is not only required in many states, but it can also help avoid accidental over serving, prevent serving to underage persons, and otherwise navigate the complex realm of alcohol service.

Course Modules:

  1. Intro and Pre-Test: An introduction to the course and brief test of knowledge before completing the course.
  2. Laws and Ethics: Your legal responsibilities related to handling alcohol.
  3. Clinical Effects of Alcohol: How alcohol affects the consumer.
  4. S.I.R. and M.A.A.M.: Preventing and handling customer intoxication.
  5. Preventing Underage Purchase and Consumption: Recognizing false identification and underage drinking.
  6. Disturbances: Dealing with disruptive consumers in the workplace.
  7. Laws and Regulations: Legal restrictions and rules pertaining to alcohol consumption in your state

Our TAM course will:

  • Encourage professionalism and ethical conduct in persons who sell and serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Provide employees with the necessary skills for the prevention of illegal sales of alcohol to underage persons, including identifying and responding to false identification;
  • Teach servers and management to effectively monitor and respond to customer intoxication and methods to prevent intoxication.
  • Teach methods to maintain safety and control of the environment as well as good customer relations while responding to alcohol-related incidents.
  • Identify federal, state and local laws relating to alcohol sale.

By completing the TAM program, those in the beverage alcohol industry can make sure they understand the complicated and sensitive situations that could develop while serving alcohol and how to effectively carry out their duties. To purchase the TAM training course in your state, select your location now.