What is TAM?

Techniques of Service Industry Alcohol Management

TAM is a series of course modules designed to prepare servers, staff, and managers to safely and professionally handle alcohol sales and supervise the consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol Server Training

In the hospitality industry, it’s imperative to have a professional, trained staff when managing and serving alcohol. At TAM, our alcohol server training provides you with an 100% online, in-depth course that prepares your employees with the knowledge, skills, and resources to responsibly face the challenges and risks that are presented when serving alcohol to customers.

Alcohol server certifications are often required by the state to ensure your business is equipped to safely and skillfully serve your customers. Our alcohol training courses cover a wide range of topics to ensure your employees are prepared for any instances that may occur during a shift, including the physical effects of consumption, liquor laws, managing disruptive consumers, techniques to maintaining control and safety of the environment, and more.

Alcohol Server Certification Course

  • Introduction and Pre-Test
  • Laws and Ethics
  • Clinical Effects of Alcohol
  • S.I.R. and M.A.A.M.
  • Preventing Underage Purchase and Consumption
  • Disturbances
  • Laws and Regulations

By completing these courses your employees with be trained and certified to handle the variety of complex and difficult situations that they may face while serving alcohol to your customers.

Protect your employees and your customers with effective alcohol server training. Select your location to get started today.