What is TAM?

Techniques of Service Industry Alcohol Management

TAM is a series of course modules designed to prepare servers, staff, and managers to safely and professionally handle alcohol sales and supervise the consumption of alcohol.

About Us

The Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) program was originally developed in 1983, and continuously updated since, by a coalition of people from the licensed beverage industry, the liquor control, law enforcement, highway safety and substance abuse organizations in the State of Michigan. Each appointed a member to sit on a steering committee to oversee the preparation and content of the program. The committee members were brought together to reflect the views and concerns of each organization with the concerns regarding alcohol.

The TAM program is administered by the National Hospitality Institute (NHI)®, a non-profit educational foundation focused on the responsible, efficient and effective management in the hospitality industry. Created by sellers of alcohol, NHI offers programmed developed from the unique perspective of industry veterans and leaders.