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TAM training presents all of the information you need to implement safe, smart techniques for serving, supervising, and controlling the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol.

Responsible Alcohol Training and Certification

Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) is a nationally certified training program designed to educate those who serve or sell alcoholic beverages about the responsible and professional service of alcohol. While completing the responsible alcohol service training course, service managers and servers learn to responsibly manage the consumption of alcohol and the complicated situations that often develop as a result of alcohol consumption. The TAM course provides the knowledge and training necessary to deal with legal responsibilities of serving alcohol, recognizing false identification, handling alcohol-related disturbances, and more.
Each year, more states are requiring that responsible alcohol training and certification be completed by employees in the service industry. To view your state’s alcohol management training requirements and learn more about our services in your area, select your state here.

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