What is TAM?

Techniques of Service Industry Alcohol Management

TAM is a series of course modules designed to prepare servers, staff, and managers to safely and professionally handle alcohol sales and supervise the consumption of alcohol.

Corporate Training

Sending your employees to complete the Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) course online for training is a perfectly acceptable way to create an educated, professional team of employees in the alcohol service industry. However, in some states where several or all individuals on the premises need training, we have a simpler solution: corporate training.

For businesses that employ many individuals that need training or that have a relatively high turnover of employees in need of training, our corporate training program may be very beneficial. Through this program, your company may appoint an employee to become an accredited instructor of responsible alcohol service training in your state. After completing our corporate training, the designated TAM instructor is able to administer the course materials to the employees within your company, simplifying the training process and ensuring that your workforce is well-prepared for the challenges presented by the alcohol service industry.

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