What is TAM?

Techniques of Service Industry Alcohol Management

TAM is a series of course modules designed to prepare servers, staff, and managers to safely and professionally handle alcohol sales and supervise the consumption of alcohol.

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At TAM, our alcohol certification courses go beyond our exams. We provide you and your employees with alcohol management certification, training, and materials that will allow you to successfully implement the knowledge and skills acquired through our online courses into your everyday work environment.

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  1. Intro and Pre-Test: An introduction to the course and brief test of knowledge before completing the course.
  2. Laws and Ethics: Your legal responsibilities related to handling alcohol.
  3. Clinical Effects of Alcohol: How alcohol affects the consumer.
  4. S.I.R. and M.A.A.M.: Preventing and handling customer intoxication.
  5. Preventing Underage Purchase and Consumption: Recognizing false identification and underage drinking.
  6. Disturbances: Dealing with disruptive consumers in the workplace.
  7. Laws and Regulations: Legal restrictions and rules pertaining to alcohol consumption in your state

Along with our alcohol training exams, we developed our State ID Checking Guide and Black Light to help your employees reduce the risk of counterfeit IDs being used in your establishment. Our alcohol training guides and courses teach your employees the proper techniques for managing the sale and consumption of alcohol, while maintaining customer relationships and satisfaction.

Our online courses prepare your hospitality team to safely and responsibly serve your customers. Shop our alcohol certification training for your state today.

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