• Communication & De-escalation Training

    The Communication & De-escalation webinar brings the classroom experience to you! The course provides servers, staff, and managers strategies for positively working with difficult customers. Scroll down to choose from available webinar dates.

Communication & De-escalation Training Webinar

Regardless of your business, communication is critical to the services you provide. Do your employees have the necessary skills to deal with difficult customers? Dealing with customers in the era of COVID, this training will equip your employees with the skills to be successful in any situation.

This is a dynamic, hour-long webinar on the Zoom platform making it accessible on your computer or smart phone. We use the Winning With Words material developed by Keene Training and Consulting L.L.C. Content includes:

  • How to ensure you (the employee) do not escalate a situation.
  • Active listening skills concepts, voice tone, physical cues and “trigger” phrases.
  • Proven de-escalation techniques:
    • The Soft Sell
    • The Tactful Interruption
    • Hit the Reset Button
    • The Boomerang
  • How to “Close the Loop” for all customer interactions.

Providing this type of training for your employees will show them there is a genuine interest in their success when dealing with customers. For management, this will establish a basis for professionalism and consistency among your staff. And for the business owner the end result will be peace of mind.


Please select the webinar date of your choice. Each webinar is $20.00 per person. Register now.