Laws and Regulations – WV Course

Laws and Regulations – ME Course


BASSET Curriculum – IL Course

In This Chapter: • Sex Trafficking • Transgender Identification • Co-branded Products • Mental Health Awareness • Cocktails to Go • Opioids and Alcohol • Use of municipal support services (police, fire, and paramedic services) • Designated Driver programs

Laws and Regulations – VA Course

Preventing Allergic Reactions to Food – MI Allergen Training

Both service and kitchen staff need to do their parts to avoid serving food that can cause an allergic reaction.  This also applies to any guest with a food intolerance.

Food Allergens and Syptoms – MI Allergen Training

Introduction   In this section………

Introduction to Food Allergies – MI Allergen Training

INTRODUCTION Research shows that upwards of 15 million Americans have food allergies!  Some people are particularly sensitive to certain foods and become ill after eating products which are harmless to most other people. The public should be comfortable enjoying meals away from home and be able to dine with friends and family and feel safe.  […]

Laws & Regulations – NM Course

Laws and Regulations – TN Course