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TAM® Instructor Certification Process

National Hospitality Institute® (NHI)


TAM® Instructor Certification Process


1.       All applicants must submit a current résumé and application,  and any other documents supporting their qualifications as an instructor. 


2.       All applicants must:

    • Successfully complete the TAM® class and be certified
    • Successfully complete the TAM® Train-The-Trainer seminar.


3.       The fee for the Train the Trainer Seminar is $300.00 and is nonrefundable. A renewal fee of $50.00 is due on January 31 of each of the following two years. Certification is good for 3 years. Certification cards will only be valid for one year and must be re-issued by NHI on a yearly basis (January 31). At the end of the third year, all instructors must be re-certified. Re-certification fees will be no more than $300.00.


4.       NHI will inform the applicant within three weeks after completing the TAM® Train-the-Trainer seminar whether he/she is eligible to become certified.


5.       The applicant must contact NHI to arrange to co-teach a class with a certified instructor and to teach a class while being monitored by a certified instructor.


6.       After the applicant successfully completes the monitored teaching process the Non-Compete Agreement, the Nondisclosure Agreement and the Standard Operating Procedure must be signed and returned to NHI.


7.       Once all agreements have been signed and returned, the instructor will be placed on the TAM® Instructor Register and may schedule classes and start teaching TAM® following the Standard Operating Procedure.


8.       Placement on the TAM® Instructor Register is not a guarantee or any promise by NHI that applicant will be offered TAM® classes to teach.