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Classroom Schedules near You

Check here for TAM® Classes near you.

MICHIGAN – Call 800-292-2896 Look for a Michigan Class

GEORGIA – Call 800-292-2896 

WASHINGTON D.C. – Call 800-292-2896 

MARYLAND - Call 800 - 921-1382 Look for Maryland Classes on-line

NJLBA Call 800-522-0076 and ask for TAM® Coordinator Kristina Santella

SOUTH DAKOTA - Call 800-721-1789 Look for South Dakota Classes on-line

OHIO - Call 800-678-5995

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA  Look for Nevada Classes on Line
TAM® of Nevada, 3900 Paradise Road, Suite 205, Las Vegas, NV 89169-0929
Phone: 702-545-6664 taminfo@tamnevada.com

Bartending Schools that use TAM®
DC, VIRGINIA & MARYLAND - Call 703-841-9700 Washington DC Bartending School

PITTSBURGH AREA - Call 412-921-9227 Pittsburgh Bartending School

WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT - Call 203-754-6000 Connecticut Bartending School